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Democratic Teaching and Democratic Schools

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We, The Students and Teachers: Teaching Democratically in History and Social Studies Classrooms 

by Robert W. Maloy and Irene S. LaRoche (State University of New York Press, 2015)



      Topics on the Page


  •        The 7c of Democratic Teaching


  •        Defining Democratic Schools


       Worker Owned Companies as Democratic Organizations

  •       Examples of Democratically-Themed Schools


The 7Cs form a heptagon






The 7Cs of Democratic Teaching


The 7Cs form a heptagon


  • Contrasting
    • Curriculum Coverage and Uncoverage through Hidden Histories and Untold Stories


  • Conducting
    • Active Learning, Groupwork, Lesson Planning to Engage Students and Interactive Teaching


  • Collaborating
    • Decision Making, Governing Classrooms and Power Sharing


  • Conversing
    • Student Voice in Class Discussions, Assessments and Grading


  • Conferring
    • Student Feedback for Improving Teacher Practices and Changing Classroom Cultures


  • Co-Constructing
    • Digital Literacy, Fake News, Collaborative Learning and Flipped Classrooms


  • Connecting
    • Community Engagement and Civic Learning



Amador Valley Human Rights Club write letters to their senators to urge them to support taking action to end the Darfur genocide


Defining Democratic Schools


What is Democratic Education?

The Case for Democratic Schools, Michael Apple and James Beane (2007).

Directory of Democratic Education, Alternative Education Resource Organization (2014)

How Students Lead the Learning Experience at Democratic Schools from MindShift (2014)


Putting Students in Charge of Building the Classroom Community, NCTE Blog (September 2017)

Democratic Education, Teaching Tolerance

  • Teachers including Marco Torres describe what it is like to teach democratically in school classrooms


How to Revive Your Belief in Democracy, Eric Liu (Ted Talk 2019)



Americans Aren't Practicing Democracy AnymoreThe Atlantic (October 2018)


    • Makes the case that Trump won the Republican nomination by appealing to those who have the least experience with democratic institutions



Examples of Democratically-Themed Schools


Constitution High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Nova High School, Seattle, Washington

Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School, Chicopee, Massachusetts


Harriet Tubman Democratic High School Albany, New York (now closed)

Lehman Alternative Community School, Ithaca New York

Sudbury Valley School, Framingham, Massachusetts

Fairhaven School Philosophy, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

u.School, Springfield, Missouri

The New School, Kennebunk, Maine


The Clearwater School, Bothell, Washington

Glacier Lake School, St. Ignatius. Montana

Hanover High School, Hanover, New Hampshire

The Democratic School of Hadera, Israel

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