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Rosalind Franklin, Molecular Biologist

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 Rosalind Franklin with microscope in 1955

Rosalind Franklin: Pioneer Molecular Biologist

The discovery of the structure of DNA has been called one of the most important scientific achievements in human history; Rosalind Franklin is the woman behind the helix

Rosalind Franklin's Legacy, PBS

See also, Rosalind Franklin: People and Discoveries from PBS


Rosalind Franklin: Great Minds


Slides of Rosalind Franklin's Accomplishments



The Rosalind Franklin Papers: Biographical Overview, National Library of Medicine




Rosalind Franklin and the Double Helix, Physics Today (March 2003)




 The Controversy over the Noble Prize

Rosalind Franklin and DNA: How Wronged Was She? Scientific American (November 3, 2010)

Did Watson and Crick Really Steal Rosalind Franklin's Data? The Guardian (June 23, 2015)

2 Noble Prizes: What Rosalind Franklin's Work on DNA and Viruses Should Have Won

The Secret of Photo 51 from Nova



 Rosalind Franklin: DNA's Unsung Hero, TED-Ed


external image ROSALIND_FRANKLIN_1920-1958_Pioneer_of_the_study_of_molecular_structures_including_DNA_lived_here_1951-1958.jpg








This is a podcast about the life and accomplishments of Rosalind Franklin, including her work with the double helix of DNA


Photograph 51, a stage play by Anna Ziegler



Europe's New nuclear-powered Mars Rover is named Rosalind Franklin 





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