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Cleopatra, Egyptian Ruler (redirected from Cleopatra)

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Image result for cleopatra, margaret foley 1876Cleopatra, modeled 1871, carved 1876, Margaret Foley


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Overview and Biography


Multimedia Resources


Cleopatra in Films, Plays and Media


Learning Activities


Cleopatra and Marc Antony




Overview and Biography 


Born 70/69 BCE; Died 30 BCE

Cleopatra, the last of the pharaohs before Egypt came under Roman control, was a Macedonian Greek and a descendant of Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great's generals who founded a dynasty that had ruled Egypt for three centuries.


  • She spoke 10 languages and was an accomplished diplomat and writer as well as an effective political leader.


    • For more, see "The Search for Cleopatra," Chip Brown, National Geographic Magazine, July, 2011, p. 46.


Cleopatra, John William Waterhouse, 1888 

Cleopatra, John William Waterhouse, 1888

Click here for a book on Egypt's society during the reign of Cleopatra.


Timeline of the Life of Cleopatra, San Jose State University


 BBC Biography of Cleopatra

Who Was Cleopatra? Mythology, Propaganda, Liz Taylor and the Real Queen of the Nile, Smithsonian Magazine.

Rehabilitating Cleopatra, Stacy Schiff, Smithsonian Magazine (December 2010)

Battle of Actium (September 2, 31 BCE)

For more, see Cleopatra: A Biography by Duane W. Roller (Oxford University Press, 1010) who focuses on Cleopatra's roles as political, military and administrative leader


 Multimedia Resourcesexternal image Helen_Gardner_as_Cleopatra.jpg


Drunk History Segment on Cleopatra


How History and Hollywood Got Cleopatra Wrong from NPR.



Female Ruler in a World of Men provides a video biography on Cleopatra.


The Rise of Cleopatra Podcast from "The Ancients" 



Cleopatra in Films, Plays and Media

Helen Gardner playing Cleopatra in a 1912 film

Trailer of the 1934 film Cleopatra directed by Cecil B. DeMille


  • Cleopatra was played by Claudette Colbert.


Trailer for the 1963 film in which Elizabeth Taylor portrayed Cleopatra.




Painting of Antony and Cleopatra by Lawrence Alam-Tadema (1885)

Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare


Summary of the Play from Folger Shakespeare Library



Entire Text of the Play



Important Moments in Antony and Cleopatra and Some Significant Facts about Play and Its Characters, Royal Shakespeare Company






Cleopatra and Marc Antony


Marc Antony and Cleopatra shared a scandalous relationship that would ultimately lead to the declaration of war by Rome on Egypt. Their relationship caused problems for Antony, as his opposers in Rome had an easy time portraying him as a traitor. Antony's association with Cleopatra was portrayed as dangerous and war was declared by Rome in 32 B.C., ultimately leading to the Battle of Actium.


Image of Cleopatra: https://www.worldatlas.com/r/w1200/upload/e6/07/4b/shutterstock-273577277.jpg


Image of Marc Antony: https://preview.redd.it/195arh6js6p51.png?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=d9983b49d2a44abb83a0c0563b011c97131db3aa


Battle of Actium Map: https://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/.a/6a01053629a711970c0115702de5ff970b-pi


Biography.com article on Cleopatra and Marc Antony: https://www.biography.com/news/cleopatra-mark-antony-love-story-death

  Learning Plans


What Would Cleopatra Do?  Drawing Lessons from History or Literature, New York Times Learning Network




Cleopatra VII:  Daughter of the Nile Discussion Guide


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