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Mary Anning, Fossil Finder and Paleontologist

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external image Mary_Anning_painting.jpg

Mary Anning (1799-1847)


She discovered her first fossil, an ichthyosaur, in 1811 when she was 12 years old


Statue of Fossil Hunter Mary Anning Unveiled (May 2022)


  • A 13-year-old schoolgirl, Evie Swire, led the four year effort to create the statue
  • Evie started the online Mary Anning Rocks campaign to support the statue 


Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus skeleton found by Mary Anning, 1823
Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus skeleton found by Mary Anning, 1823


Biography Resources

Link also to Mary Anning from the Lyme Regis Museum

Mary Anning from BBC Primary History has interactive sections for exploring her life and discoveries

Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter from National Center for Science Education
Plesiosaurus macrocephalous found by Mary Anning

Plesiosaurus macrocephalous found by Mary Anning


Multimedia Resources


Mary Anning - Princess of Paleontology

  • A YouTube video about the life and accomplishments of Mary Anning, specifically her extensive work in discovering fossils



Mary Anning – Fossil Hunter




Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ichthyosaurs

Rulers of the Jurassic Seas, Scientific American





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