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Oil and Pipelines in Central Asia (redirected from Oil in Central Asia)

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Oil and Gas Worldwide



Crude Oil Production: Country Comparison from CIA World Factbook

U.S. Ousts Russia as Top World Oil, Gas Producer in BP Data

Total Oil Supply--WorldWide from U. S. Energy Information Administration


external image Kazakhstan_in_its_region.svg
Country Profile from CIA World Factbook

U. S. Relations with Kazakhstan from U. S. Department of State

Kazakhstan News Coverage from the New York Times

Freedom of the Press Report, 2015

Kazakhstan's Oil Industry

Oil drilling in Caspian Sea
Oil drilling in Caspian Sea

International Energy Data and Analysis from U.S. Energy Information Administration, January 2015

Development of World's Largest Oil Field in 35 Years Still Going All Wrong, Climate Progress, April 2014

Kazakhstan's Massive Oil Field Is Finally Getting Repaired, April 17, 2015

Oil Well Accident in Kazakhstan, September 2011

Tengiz Chevroil SGI/SGP Onshore Oil and Gas Video

Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines in Asia

Kazakhstan Ratifies Oil Pipeline Deal with China, October 2013

Caspian Countries are Developing New Oil and Natural Gas Export Capacity



Alternative Renewable Energy Sources



Solar Farm, Death Valley, California. Image by spg solar

Solar Farm, Death Valley, California.  Image by spg solarWhat are renewable energy resources?


Percent of U.S. Imported Crude Oil, 1950-2003

Percent of U.S. Imported Crude Oil, 1950-2003

Renewable Energy from U. S. Department of Energy: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Water, Biomass


Renewable Energy Explained





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