Beatrix Potter, Author and Natural Scientist

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Beatrix Potter, 1913

Photograph of Beatrix Potter, 1913


Connecting Standard:  AP World History

Period 6.1:  Science and the Environment


Beatrix Potter (1866-1943)

A Biography of Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter:  A Life in Nature




Beatrix Potter, Author

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Full Text


150 Years of Beatrix Potter on YouTube

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, an e-Text from University of Iowa Libraries

Peter Rabbit and His #little adventure. 6 mini-character sculptures were created and placed all around London, England; these new adventures were then shared on Twitter

Snubbed Peter Rabbit Board Game on Display, More Than 100 Years After Beatrix Potter Designed It

Behind the Beatrix Potter Design Editions

  • Designers of new Beatrix Potter book covers share their inspirations
        • Students can create their own new book covers for Beatrix Potter books




In addition to writing 30 books, Beatrix Potter was also a natural scientist and illustrator who did pioneering work in the field of mycology, the study of fungi.

Beatrix Potter, Mycologist

60 of Beatrix Potter's Fungus Paintings are in P. K. Findlay's book, Wayside and Woodland Fungi


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Potter produced some 350 highly accurate pictures of fungi, mosses and spores

In 1997, the Linnean Society issued a posthumous apology to Potter, noting the sexism displayed in the handling of her research and its policy toward the contributions of women.

Beatrix Potter: Pioneering Scientist or Passionate Amateur, BBC Earth (February 15, 2016)

The Scientific Tale of Author Beatrix Potter, Science Friday

This is a timeline about the life and accomplishments of Beatrix Potter, including the publication of her books




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