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Population and Pandemics (redirected from Population Growth and Decline)

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Population (n): all the persons inhabiting a country, city, or other specified place

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Topics on the Page


Population Growth

  • Thomas Malthus and Charles Darwin



Pandemics in World History





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Lost Civilizations


  • The Indus Valley Civilization


  • Peopling of the Americas







Population Growth


In 1804, the world's population was 1 billion.  It is currently over 7 billion.  How can the world sustain that many people?


  7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast? a video from NPR shows population growth by continents.



The World at 7 Billion, an app from BBC that shows where you are in the history of human population on earth.

World Population Growth, 1950 - 2050, a webpage from the Population Resource Bureau with charts and vocabulary terms


Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (1994).

  • Signed by 179 governments
  • Recognized reproductive health and rights and women's empowerment and gender equality

Population and Migration, from BBC Bitesize, including 40 video clips for classroom use



United States & World Population Clock from the US Census Bureau

2015 Interactive population map from the Population Reference Bureau 


Population in Perspective from Hampshire College, a free social justice curriculum on population, food, the environment, & climate change

Teacher Resources on Population from the World of 7 Billion

Population Studies libguide from Dartmouth College


The PEW Research center projects that the population will stop growing by the end of the century. Click here to read more about it. 


Thomas Malthus and Charles Darwin

external image Malthus_PL_en.svg
Thomas Malthus believed that poverty and disease were natural results of population growth.

An Essay on the Principle of Population (1798)





Charles Darwin was influenced by the writings of Thomas Malthus







Pandemics in World History

American Red Cross workers remove a Spanish Flu victim, 1918

American Red Cross workers remove a Spanish Flu victim, 1918
The Five Deadliest Outbreaks and Pandemics in History, from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Plague Homepage from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention







  1.  How Corona has changed the world forever and how the virus will end
  2. Corona virus and it's impact on education 

      • U.S Dept of Education's webpage including many resources for students and teachers 

     3. Trump's response to Corona virus  




     4.Systematic racism in health care and it's intersection with Corona virus 




Lost Civilizations


Skull of Indus Valley inhabitants, Photo by Royroydeb

Skull of Indus Valley inhabitants, Photo by Royroydeb


12 Societies That Vanished in Mystery



  • Khmer Empire, Cambodia



  • Olmec Civilization, Mexico


  • Aksumite Empire, Ethiopia


  • Minoans, Crete


  • Cucuteni-Trypillians, Ukraine/Romania


  • Nabateans, Jordan




  • Moche Civilization, Peru


  • Clovis Culture, North America


Head sculpture from the Moche civilization
Head sculpture from the Moche civilization




Why Societies Collapse? by Jared Diamond

  • Environmental Damage
  • Climate Change
  • Hostile Neighbors
  • Friendly Neighbors - Trade
  • Cultural Response




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