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Rise of Industrial Capitalism after the Civil War

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AP U.S. History Period 6:  1865-1898


Key Concept 6.1 — Technological advances, large-scale production methods, and the opening of new markets encouraged the rise of industrial capitalism in the United States.


White River Junction, Vermont in the Future. 1911 Postcard


White River Junction, Vermont in the Future. 1911 Postcard



Causes of the Industrial Revolution After the Civil War


Causes and Consequences of the Second Industrial Revolution  


Dramatic Event page:  Building of the Brooklyn Bridge


Influential Biography page:  Ida Tarbell, Investigative Journalist and Muckraker


Rise of Unions and Radical Political Parties


Dramatic Event page:  The Navajo War and the Long Walk of the Navajo

Willimantic Thread Factory, Painting by Julian Alden Weir, 1893
Willimantic Thread Factory, Painting by Julian Alden Weir, 1893

John D. Rockefeller                 'Trust Giant,' John D. Rockefeller
Titan of Industry or Robber Baron?
   Ida Tarbell: "Miss Tarbarrel"/"this poison woman" 

November 1902, Ida Tarbell wrote a series of 19 carefully researched articles in McClure's Magazine, detailing how John D. Rockefeller ruthlessly forced his competitors to "sell or perish." She correctly identified railroad discounts, specifically outlawed by the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887, as key to creating Rockefeller's Standard Oil monopoly. Tarbell helped push the federal government to investigate the Standard Oil Trust. 


    The Woman Who Took On Standard Oil


Influential Biography page for Ida Tarbell, Investigative Journalist and Muckraker


Working Conditions 


external image Weave_Room%2C_Amoskeag_Manufacturing_Company.jpg
Wiley and Russell Tap & Die Co., 1897--A Virtual Reality Project from the Museum of Our Industrial Heritage recreates a factory for cutting machine threads, making possible mass production of items like screws, nuts and bolts.

The Era of Industrial Ascendency 1861-1945 Provides an overview of changes in national politics using the state of Pennsylvania as a case study.

For historical photographs of one of New England's most famous mills, see Amoskeag Millyard, Manchester, New Hampshire.

Click here for historical biography page for Hedy Green, the Richest Woman in America during the Glided Age


Link here for a page on the Rise of Unions and Radical Political Parties


Topics on the Rise of the Unions page


Unions and Their Goals




    • The Great Railway Strike of 1877
    • Bread and Roses Strike (1912)
    • The New York Shirtwaist Makers' Strike of 1909


  • Knights of Labor
    • The Haymarket Riot of 1886


  • American Federation of Labor headed by Samuel Gompers
    • Industrial Workers of the World


Radical Political Parties and Their Goals


  • the Populist Party
  • the Socialist Party headed by Eugene Debs
    • the Ludlow Massacre


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