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Harvey Milk, Gay Civil Rights Leader

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First Gay Openly Elected Official in California in 1977

Assassinated in 1978


Official Harvey Milk Biography



Harvey Milk's Political Accomplishments



Teaching LGBTQ History and Why It Matters, Facing History and Ourselves




Resources for Learning about Harvey Milk


Harvey Milk pages from the New York Times



Harvey Milk:  First Openly Gay Male Elected to Public Office in the United States, Legacy Project Education Initiative



Harvey Milk Picture Book Teaches Children about LGBTQ History



Streetcar 1051 Dedicated to Harvey Milk




Navy will Name a Ship for Harvey Milk (June, 2016)




2018 Mid-Term Elections and LGBTQ Officeholders


In Rainbow Wave, LGBT Candidates are Elected in Record Numbers


Kathy Kozachenko was the first openly gay person to win an election in America in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1974.



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