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Anne Hutchinson, Early American Feminist

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Anne Hutchinson Statute, Boston Massachusetts



Anne Hutchinson (1591-1642)


Anne Hutchinson was born in Alford, England in 1591. Living in the Massachusetts Bay Colony under John Winthrop she was banished to Rhode Island in 1638 on charges of blasphemy and sedition. 


  • These charges were brought because of her questioning puritanical teachings.


    • She argued that it contradictory to teach salvation being dependent on both an individual's good works and divine grace.


      • The Puritan response was to claim that good works are the only evidence of salvation rather than the grounds of salvation.


  Biography Resources


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Anne Hutchinson on Trial, by Edwin Austin Abbey, 1901


Anne Hutchinson on Trial.  Painting by Edwin Austin Abbey, 1901


The Trial of Anne Hutchinson (1637)




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