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Althea Gibson, First Black Tennis Champion

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Althea Gibson, July 11, 195

ticker tape parade in New York City after she won the 1957 Wimbledon Women's Singles Championship





 Althea Gibson Biography



 Althea Gibson: First Black Tennis Champion - Fast Facts | History” 


               The Power of Sports: The Trailblazers


Both videos detail Gibson’s early life and successful tennis career in spite of immense discrimination that made her retire earlier than she would have.   



Image by Nicole Valiant (April 2022)



Althea Gibson’s autobiography I Always Wanted to Be Somebody


  • Gibson’s autobiography about her life and career from her childhood, all the way to her successful future.


  • This resource differentiates learning because it is interesting to read about her life from a first person perspective. Using all the other resources along with this autobiography is helpful for students to compare the different sources of information.




Statue of Althea Gibson, north of Franklin Street in Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ

external image 500px-Hebrew_timeline.svg.png Timelines


Althea Gibson Interactive Timeline of Her Accomplishments -United States Open


  • This resource lets you click along Gibson’s timeline from birth and throughout her career.


  • This differentiates learning for students because it allows them to click through different points in her life and they can jump around different points on the timeline however they’d like! It is great for students who need a slower pace and like to revisit different points.



Althea Gibson Timeline from PBS American Masters



Althea Gibson Britannica Kids -


  • This resource outlines different stages of Gibson’s life.


  •  The cool part about this website is that you can change the age level from kids up to grade 5, to grades 6-8, through grades 9 and up in order to help students best understand the material. This differentiates learning because the way the learning is presented changes depending on the age.


external image 200px-Paperback_book_black_gal.svg.png Nothing but Trouble: A Picture Book of the life and times of Althea Gibson


A commentary (6 min. audio) about Althea Gibson by the author of Nothing but Trouble explaining why this is the title.



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