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Education 613 Virtual Class Syllabus

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Welcome to Education 613


New Developments in History and Political Science Education


3 Credits



An Asynchronous Remote Class for Spring 2021 



Course Teaching Team

Robert W. Maloy, College of Education

Casey Moriarty, Undergraduate History/English Major

Elisabeth Burns, Undergraduate History/Legal Studies Major

Alex Fossa, Undergraduate History Major

Grace Barton, Undergraduate History Major



New Developments in History and Political Science in Secondary Schools (Education 613) is a three credit, graded course in the College of Education.  It is intended for undergraduate or graduate students who are interested in becoming history teachers.


The course explores the academic curriculum content in the Massachusetts History & Social Science Curriculum Framework and the Advanced Placement (AP) U.S History, World History, and American Government learning standards along with the ways that new digital technologies can be used to teach history, government, geography and economics to middle and high school students.  Digital technologies include computers, the Internet, simulation and serious learning games, online video resources, social bookmarking, wikis, blogs, apps and other new and emerging instructional tools.




CLASS SCHEDULE AND TOPICS (click on the link to access the class)


Class 1: February1 Introduction to the Course and the History Teacher Test 



Class 2: February 8: World Cultures and Geography I



Class 3: February 15: World Cultures and Ancient Civilizations II



Class 4: February 22: World History: 500 BCE to 1400



Class 5: March 8: World History: 1492 to the 20th Century



Class 6: March 15: World History: World War II to Present



Class 7: March 22: Colonial American History and the United States Before the Civil War



Class 8: March 29: The Civil War to World War II



Class 9: April 5: The Cold War to the End of the 20th Century



Class 10: April 12 American Government and Politics



Class 11: April 19  Government and Politics



Class 12: April 26 Economics



Class 13: May 3








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