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Sybil Ludington, Betsy Dowdy, and Susanna Bolling, Revolutionary War Riders (redirected from Sybil Ludington and Betsy Dowdy, Revolutionary War Riders)

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Statue of Sybil Ludington on Gleneida Avenue in Carmel, New York by Anna Hyatt Huntington 

Statue of Sybil Ludington.  Photo on Wikimedia Commons by Anthony22.



Sybil Ludington


Sybil's Night Ride. Karen B. Winnick, Calkins Creek, 2009. A picture book recounting the event.












Forgotten Voices: Sybil Ludington




Biography Resources


The Revolutionary War Heroine, Sybil Ludington



Sybil Ludington from website of the town of Historic Patterson, New York.


Sybil Ludington Stamp from U.S. Postal Museum


Sybil Ludington: The 16-Year-Old Revolutionary Hero Who Rode Twice As Far As Paul Revere 


 Did Sybil's Ride Actually Happen? One Historian says No.





Betsy Dowdy


Although there is substantial circumstantial proof that it occurred, the ride of Betsy Dowdy has no written records to substantiate it. 

American Patriot and Paul Revere of North Carolina


The Ride: The Legend of Betsy Dowdy



 The Legend of Betsy Dowdy's Ride 

              Shirt interesting video explaining the ride.

              Betsy's Ride 

              10 minute video narration w/maps and explanations of the background of her spontaneous, unplanned ride extending 40 miles in the cold                weather of December 6, 1775.





Susanna Bolling


How a 16-Year-old Girl from Hopewell Helped Win the Revolutionary War


  • Susanna rowed across the Appomattox River, borrowed a friend’s horse and raced 10 miles to the Half Way House to warn General Lafayette about British army plans.


 In Celebration of Susanna Bowling  

Libby Carty McNamee explains the history she learned researching Susanna Bolling's story for her book.



 Legislature's Resolution establishing December 5 as Susanna Bolling Day in Virginia 



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